We are Bright + Early

We’re a collective of modern HR experts on a mission to craft the world's best workplaces. We partner with early to mid-stage companies who need to scale fast but stay friendly.

Nothing in place? Don't know where to start? No problem.


Things are changing - we get it. We’ve helped some of the best-known Canadian startups navigate high growth without losing what makes them special. In short: we build rocketships.


Half-Time Head of People

If you don’t need a full time HR hire (yet) but could use an experienced guide, we’re here to help. We’ll make sure your compliance basics are covered, and work onsite to help you roll out programs that will have the team (and the board) smiling. We can build as much or as little as you need: everything from a parental leave policy to a full organizational growth plan. We’re also on call for any questions, issues or emergencies that arise.

We build:

  • Interview Processes
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Envy-worthy Culture Handbooks
  • Policies Written by Humans
  • Employee Engagement Programs
  • Unique Benefits and Perks
  • Career Growth Paths
  • Compensation
  • Pain-free Performance Reviews
  • Day-to-day HR Support

Diversity and Inclusion

Is your environment welcoming to everyone? We'll ensure everything from your job postings to your perks is designed for every team member and candidate. Custom diversity and inclusivity surveying and team/manager workshops are also available.

In-House Career Coach

Want a secret weapon that will boost retention like a rocketship? How about your own, in-house performance coach, available to all employees? How it works: an experienced and certified Bright + Early coach will keep set office hours onsite with you. Executives, managers, and employees can book in coaching time as needed. With this powerful perk, your team will soar to the next level.

Special Projects

Want to build something that stands out? Interested in having a compensation plan that no one’s done before, or a perk that gets people talking? We love special projects! We’ve worked on everything from a summer camp for new engineering managers to a week long, mentored coding program for kids.

Ready to get started? Let's chat about a custom program for your team.

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Our Clients

Some of the companies we have partnered with

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What We Value


The best workplaces are built for everyone. They acknowledge unconscious bias and keep inclusivity top of mind when designing every step of the employee experience.


The best workplaces know that treating employees like adults is the best way to inspire great work and great commitment. They hire great people, give them the information they need, and get out of their way.


The best workplaces move quickly, don't fall victim to analysis paralysis, and aren't afraid to iterate. They use data to identify and act on key issues.


The best workplaces strive to achieve their business objectives while building a culture of kindness. They recognize that these are not mutually exclusive.

We require alignment on these values in order to do our best work Ok hand emoji


Nora Jenkins Townson, Founder/Principal

Nora is an unconventional HR expert with 10 years of experience in the design and technology industries. After helping some of the most successful Canadian startups grow, she has a unique view into building happy technical organizations. Nora believes that the best People strategies are human first and data informed, with a dash of design thinking.

Recently, she has worked with Wealthsimplethis link opens a new window, FreshBooksthis link opens a new window (ranked #1 Best Place to Work in Canadathis link opens a new window) and a few others you may not have heard of (yet!).

Headshot photo of founder, Nora

ZJ Hadley, Senior Consultant

ZJ Hadley is an HR strategist and community builder who is passionate about diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, and building brands that candidates love. Formerly of Sampler & Tulip Retail, she is now the co-founder of The People People Groupthis link opens a new window, an online and sometimes IRL community of Canadian HR and Talent Acquisition professionals; an Advisor to Venture Out, and a budding sommelier. ZJ's specialties are our "Half Time Head of HR" offering, as well as Diversity and Inclusion consulting.

Headshot photo of senior consultant, ZJ

Trisha Neogi, Consultant

Taking the approach of modern HR, Trisha leverages her passion for human relations and her data-driven mindset to understand how people work, collaborate and find validation in their role. With her background in working with startups on culture management and full-cycle employee experience, Trisha is a firm believer in building processes with an empathetic and objective mindset, while sprinkling in her humourous and unique flair. As an aspiring yogi, Trisha champions personal well-being and growth and promotes work-life flexibility.

Headshot photo of consultant, Trisha

Steph Little, Senior HR Consultant

A people and culture leader of over 15 years, Steph takes a human centred approach to developing workplace strategies and practices, and people management. With stints leading HR for Hubba and Nymi, she’s your go to for compliance, accommodations, workplace investigations and tricky employee issues. As a generalist she touches on everything to make sure things are done right from a people perspective - everyone is safe and well, and set up for success and working productively together to take your business to the next level.

Headshot photo of senior consultant, Steph

Lucie Jeffers, Senior HR Consultant

Lucie is a People & Culture Leader with 10+ years working in Tech, Start up and Corporate. Fiercely authentic, she's an advocate for celebrating the value of diversity, inclusion and belonging. In her spare time, Lucie is working to build a nonprofit helping children in Haiti, and is also an active yogi. Lucie's specialties are developing incredible recruiting experiences, coaching senior leaders on people strategy, inclusion, and company values discovery.

Headshot photo of senior consultant, Lucie